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Upcoming Travel Schedule 

**San Diego, CA - TBD

​South Jersey/Philadelphia   -  TBD

South Jersey Shore & S. Jersey/N. Jersey - TBD


Sharon is adding new cities to her 2020 schedule!

Watch Facebook for details. 


Sharon is welcoming clients to her home with...

Hosted Intimate Group Ev​​ents in Los Angeles!!!

                 Six-person Intimate Events are the most popular appearances Sharon makes while traveling the country.  

                                             She would like to bring her personal touch into local Los Angeles Area events by                                                       hosting her clients as her brunch, afternoon or evening guests.  

                   The event begins with a hosted, half –hour “Meet and Greet with Sharon Gothard Weisman."   Get to know                                    Sharon  on a more personal level while she serves wine, hors devours and sweets.  Clients enjoy this one-on-one time with  Sharon and welcome the opportunity to share stories and ideas.

                   The event then changes focus with the two hour Intimate Group. . This allows everyone to receive several                                uninterrupted messages from, and about, loved ones. Sharon is also able to answer more questions during              this time.

The group ends with a small gift bag for each attendee. 

Sharon’s Hosted Intimate Group Event is an experience you won’t forget. Don’t miss out!

Of course, Sharon will continue traveling to clients for group events in

Southern California!!!

Upcoming Events

 (818) 414-9097

"Sharon is absolutely tremendous. I have had her in my home on 2 occasions now for and "evening of intuition". On each of those evenings my guests and I were utterly amazed at her gift of bringing forth a loved one who has passed on. Friends who lost loved ones at way to young an age, were put to ease and finally found peace. Others were overwhelmed to "hear" from a deceased relative as memories of times passed were shared and advice given. She is a joy to be around - full of energy and love, and receptive to answering questions! I look forward with such anticipation to our next gathering!"​

Psychic Medium

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