Wedding Officiate Fees:
**Travel fees  & incidental fees may apply.

 75 Minute Private Session:

Intimate Group Event 

Large Audience Event

One hour Private Session:


Groups of 2 & 3:
45 Minute Private Session:




Sharon is often called upon to help clients clear their homes of entities who have decided to "share the space."  She brings her individual style of "loving but firm" to each home and helps both the occupants and entities learn to live together in harmony OR clears the home of the residing spirits.  Depending on the size of the property, Home Clearings last anywhere between two and four hours.​

Home Clearing Fees:
$300.00 per hour 
Travel fees may apply.

Private Sessions

Sharon's Large Audience Evenings are held for groups of 25 to 500 people. Each evening is approximately two hours long. Large Audience Events offer each attendee the opportunity to experience Sharon's gift. With such a large group, Sharon does not guarantee a personal reading for everyone. However, the opportunity to witness spiritual communications and feel the presence of the Universe's Unconditional Love will help everyone understand that no one is ever truly gone - and hopefully bring a sense of peace to everyone attending.

Large Audience Evenings are perfect for school/corporate gatherings and fund raising events.

Psychic Medium


$300.00 per hour.
Travel fees may apply.

A private session with Sharon consists of a combination Psychic/Mediumship reading. Sharon speaks with your guides, her guides and people in your life who have passed over and come to give you messages. She never knows who will be speaking and therefore, you may hear from people you never expected, or not hear from someone you wanted to communicate with. However, all sessions are conducted in an atmosphere of truth and love, so whatever information you receive will be what you need to hear at that particular moment in time. It is usually the strongest spirits with the greatest need to communicate who come through first.

Sometimes your loved ones will say something that is very specific, but appears insignificant. They do this so that you know without a doubt that they are the ones communicating. At other times, they give you information you did not have concerning a past, present or future event. It is Sharon’s job to act as the conduit – as she says, “I do not remember 80% of the anything that is said and 100% of it is none of my business.” Sometimes you will see your loved one’s personality while Sharon is speaking and this is the best opportunity to communicate directly with your loved one, as Sharon is allowing them to speak to you through her.

During your session, you are encouraged to ask specific questions and Sharon will do her best to access the answers. However, her pledge is to never lie or make up anything. Your personal guides and Sharon’s personal guides also give information during your session. These messages usually pertain to the present and future, the psychic element of your reading, but they can also help speak for a loved one. Your reading may be humorous at times and emotional at times, but Sharon promises it will always be the truth.

**Rates indicate In-Town and Out-of-Town

Written on "Yelp":​

Two Hour Event:$600.00

 (818) 414-9097

Due to popular demand, Sharon is now conducting local and out-of-town Intimate Group Events. These events are two hour sessions held for six (6) people without a break. This allows everyone to receive more messages from, and about, loved ones than is possible during a Small Group Event. Sharon is also able to answer more questions during this time.​

"Sharon is incredible. She has a true gift. And, in sharing her gift....she provides tremendous help and comfort to people. She has helped me answer so many questions that had gone unanswered for far too long. She makes you feel comfortable immediately, and you won't want her readings to end! I know I don't.

Thank you Sharon for all your help."​

Personal Appearance 

Half Hour Private Session:

Services & Fees

Sharon is honored help make your private events a wonderful time for all your guests. 5 to 10 minute private readings in an audience setting,  question and answers, antidotes and more are all offered during her Personal Appearance.  This is a fun experience and is recommended for Bridal & Baby Showers, Birthday Parties and Holiday & Corporate Events.​

Home Clearings

Fees based on number of people and type of event
Travel fees may apply.

As an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, Sharon is honored to officiate at weddings.  Her services include a two hour session with the couple at least 6 weeks prior to the event**, a personalized ceremony written just for the couple, and the ceremony itself.    Her services have been called "breathtaking", "amazing" and "truly inspirational."  Uniting two souls in love is an honor Sharon never takes for granted.  She promises to officiate weddings that are personal, heartfelt and blessed with the Love of the Universe.

**Either in person or via Face Time depending on location.

Sharon is humbled and honored to share this gift and provides her services on a sliding scale basis upon request.

Sharon Gothard Weisman - Spiritualist/Medium
(818) 414-9097