Sharon Gothard Weisman remembers the night her mother's friend passed over.  Only nine years old and frightened to see her "auntie" sick with cancer, Sharon felt guilty for never saying goodbye.  The night of the funeral, Sharon woke up in the middle of the night to see her auntie standing at the end of the bed.  Sharon said, "I know you understand why I didn't see you and I know you love me.  But you're scaring me, so can you please leave now."  Her auntie nodded, smiled and floated out of the room.

Not sure if it was a dream or not, Sharon never talked about the visit.  But the older she got, the more Sharon realized that she had a special gift.  Study and research helped her understand that she was a Medium, able to connect with souls in another dimension.
​She was also drawn to a life of service, feeling the most fulfilled when she was helping others on a daily basis.

Sharon has now been advising friends and family as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor for over 30 years.  Whether it's helping with business decisions, family, love life advice or, in many instances, wanting to communicate with someone who has passed over, Sharon is there with honest communications given with compassion and love.  She has also been referred to as an "after life coach," helping her clients resolve conflicts & unfinished business with loved ones who have passed on.

Sharon is always very clear about her gift - she repeatedly explains it has nothing to do with her. She says she is like cord on a lamp - you need the electricity to run through if you want the light bulb to shine.  Because of her upfront advice and her pledge to always share  truthful information, celebrities and students alike trust Sharon's gift and turn to her for advice on a regular basis.

Sharon feels extremely honored to share her gift with others and help each person walk a bit easier
​on their own path of life, light and love.

Due to popular demand, Sharon is now conducting Intimate Group Events. These events are two hour sessions held for six (6) people without a break.

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Sharon Gothard Weisman

Whether 25 people or 250, large group Sharon helps everyone feel connected to each other  with her sense of humor and undeniable gifts.

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"I can't even believe what I saw last night.  I came to my friend's home as a "skeptic."  But after hearing you for just 10 minutes, I could not deny what a gift you have.  When my mom came to talk to me, I think I cried more than I have since she passed 3 years ago.  You have given me peace I didn't know I had.

Thank you so, so much."​

Thank You Sharon

 "The moment you realize you can't do anything,
Is the moment you realize you can do everything..."​


Psychic Medium/Spiritual Advisor

A private session with Sharon consists of a combination Psychic/Mediumship reading. Sharon speaks with your guides, her guides and people in your life...

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Large Events & Fundraisers

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Private Sessions

Psychic Medium

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